Why Reservie?

ReserVie Image-Proof2c.jpeg

As yoga teachers, studio owners and as a provider of retreats, our quest to find the perfect software to manage our small but growing businesses continued for almost a decade. 

We knew we needed a system that was simple and affordable for both user and facilitators (us!). Yet we struggled to find anything that fitted this bill.

Reluctantly we signed up for a system delivered by a big-name provider of software for the wellbeing industry. But after a year or so grappling with the complexity and ongoing costs, we made a big decision: we would create our own. And so Reservie was born.

Our journey

Once Reservie was up and running (after a year or so of development time and testing), we found that the time and resources needed to manage the previous booking system dramatically reduced. No more lengthy online conversations with an anonymous person about what we were doing wrong and what we should be doing instead. 

With some of our day-to-day time no longer tied up in trying to fathom what to do with the software, our small team could go back to what we knew best: teaching yoga and resting in the knowledge that Reservie was helping us grow our businesses with no accompanying headaches! 

However, we were unprepared for what happened next. Friends and contacts began to ask us if they could also use the system we had created, but for their own classes or studios. We heard from dozens of people who had also become disillusioned with the systems they had been using, or were looking to start from scratch with something affordable and simple. 

And so we began to make minor adaptations to suit the needs of studios and individuals who worked in slightly different ways: in early 2017 Reservie mark two rolled out with improvements to the interfaces and a host of additional features. We also introduced our pay-as-you-go plan - this enabled anyone to start using reservie with no upfront costs, contracts or tie-ins. We loved the fairness of this approach. 

To date, Reservie is being used by hundreds of of yoga and pilates teachers, retreat companies and studio owners. It is growing at a rate of 30%, month-on-month - until now, almost entirely propelled by word-of-mouth.

So you could say we launched Reservie very softly and haven’t yet shouted about it. This is true - we have been cautiously and quietly receiving feedback and working on new features that will allow the software to be as flexible and extensive as possible.

It’s still an ongoing project. But we're proud of what it has achieved so far. We very much hope you’ll try it out and let us know what you think. :)