Adding reservie to your website


Adding reservie to your website is quick and simple an can normally be performed in just a few minutes.

The system makes no assumptions on the technology or platform that you have used to create your website and simply needs for you to be able to add an HTML fragment to your site (sometimes called ‘embedding’).

Two mechanism

Reservie supports two separate mechanisms for embedding into your website. These are as follows:

  1. Book now buttons - a button can be added to your website and leads the customer directly to the booking page for a specific event.

  2. Embedded schedule - a timetable type mechanism that collates a number of event (typically on a per week basis) and provides a list of upcoming events and associated book now buttons.

Book now buttons

Book now buttons are the easiest of the two mechanism. The book now button is provided as a simple HTML link which has additional functionality (styling) added to make it behave and look like a button. There is no special functionality required to support this.


The schedule can be either linked to from your website or embedded (inserted) directly into a page of your site.

If embedded, schedules use a technology called iframes which allow the schedule be displayed inside the page. Further functionality is added to allow your website and reservie to communicate.

There is nothing special in the use of iframes. However, some platforms (such as wordpress) disable the the use of iframes and so it is necessary to ensure that your website supports iframes before you try to use and embeddable schedule.

Darren Cooper