Fees for reservie

Pay as you go accounts

If you have a Pay as you go account, you will only be charged a fee when your clients are charge. There are no contracts or monthly subscriptions.


We charge 1% + VAT (where applicable) on all pay as you go transactions. Dependent upon the account currency and where the resultant fee is less than £0.20, Euro 0.20 or $0.20, we will charge the minimum fee of £0.20, Euro 0.20 or $0.20

Subscription accounts

If you have a subscription account, you are charged a fair usage fee per month. Since we need to understand your average transaction usage we request a minimum of 6 months commitment.


For subscriptions accounts, we charge a minimum of £45 + VAT per month. This entitles you to up to 300 transactions per month. We then charge £10 + VAT for each additional 100 transactions.

Darren Cooper