What's an event?


An event is arguably the most important concept of reservie and is fundamental to selling on reservie. Events represent:

  • Classes

  • Workshops

  • Retreats

  • Courses

Anatomy of an event

Understanding events is paramount to selling on reservie and once understood will have you selling in minutes.

Events represent a time slot that you are selling, in which you are providing a service. This timeslot has properties which manage what customers are purchasing and how the may purchase it.

Properties of an event.

An event can be considered to consist of both mandatory properties and optional properties. Mandatory properties must be completed as they enable reservie to understand how the event should be treated and the rules associated to their sale.

In contrast option properties allow you to assign addition rules / conditions or information that can be relayed to the client.

When setting up an event, the system walks you through a simple form - this form consists of:

  1. Mandatory fields - these define the mandatory properties that are associated to the event.

  2. Optional fields - these define the mandatory properties that are associated to the event.

Once an event is setup you, you are ready to start selling this event.

Embedding an event to a website

reservie supports two main mechanisms allowing you to embed an event to your website.

  1. Book now buttons - this provides the simplest interface, by creating a special link which allows you embedd a book now button to your website. Once embedded, clients may click the book now button to proceed to the associated checkout page.

  2. Schedule pages - this provides a timetable type interface which aggregates a number of events over a defined period of time.

Both Book now buttons and schedule pages are easily accommodated on most websites.

Please note: If you choose to embed a schedule page on your website, you need to ensure that your site can accommodate iframes. We recommend speaking to your web site designer if you have any concerns.

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